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September 04, 2017

Ramen Theme Parks!?

by Hazuki

There are thousands of ramen restaurants in Japan. Ramen culture is slightly different from Hokkaido (the north) to Okinawa (southern island of Japan). Shoyu based ramen is one of the more common soups for ramen, but in Hokkaidomiso ramen is the most popular. Also, tonkotsu ramen is the most popular ramen in Kyushu (western Japan). 


Common ramen soups in Japan:

Shoyu (Soy sauce)




Shio (Salt)


Tonkotsu (Pork) 



Gyokai (Seafood)



Every restaurant has their own special soup recipe. The noodles are also different. Some noodles are straight and some are curly that resemble dried instant noodlesEach restaurant boils their noodles for a specific amount of time and as such, some are softer than others. All restaurants have their own way to cook. In Japan when you want to try ramen from different areas, you don't have to travel, if you go to ramen theme parks, you can try the ramen from all over Japan. 


In Yokohama, there is a theme park called ramen museum, it is like a ramen village. You can try ramen from 9 different shops that are based throughout Japan. You can buy ramen soup and ramen flavoured snacks for souvenirs.  There are around 50 ramen theme parks. 

165603_186771288016814_6052216_n.jpgCredit : Ramen museum Yokohama

There are events called Ramen expo held in some cities in Japan. Chosen ramen chefs come to one place and open their shops outside. You can try ramen from about 40 different restaurants from other areas! 

Also, there is an instant ramen museum where you can learn the history of how instant ramen were made also you can make your own flavour of cup noodle! You can design the cup and chose soups and toppings! You can pick the toppings that is actually used for cup noodles.

19059050_1332536486822065_4774197161930790680_n-1.jpg              Credit: Cupnoodle museum

So, you see how much Japanese people love ramen and need ramen in their lives!


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