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okonomiyaki and its two regional varieties

by Hazuki

Okonomiyaki is so delicious and simple to make! It is known for street food from Osaka today, but there are many okonomiyaki from other areas of Japan! Two very famous okonomiyaki are “Kansai style” okonomiyaki and “Hiroshima style” okonomiyaki.



Okonomi translates to “as you like” so you can put basically anything you like in it. Kansai style: cabbage is added to the flour. The sauce is spicy and thick, also people put mayo on top. Hiroshima style: very thin dough is fried first and cabbage, meat and noodles are placed over the top. Also, the sauce is quite sweet. Otafuku sauce is used mainly for Hitrishima style okonomiyaki as Otafuku sauce is from Hiroshima.



Kansai style toppings:      

15e64361f34c87b9d6bfa45713b744bc41b92d9d.jpgMeat: sliced pork, shin beef can be quite common topping in Osaka area

Seafood: squid, prawns, octopus

Vegetable: cabbage

Konnyaku, bonito flakes, aonori

In Tokyo, sakura ebi (small shrimps) are common topping


Special toppings that became quite common today:   

Kimchi, mochi, cheese, mentaiko (cod roe)


Hiroshima style toppings: 

Meat: pork and beef

Vegetables: cabbage, bean sprout

Yakisoba noodle, egg


[About sauce]

East of japan, most people use Bulldog sauce, and in the west of Japan, many people use Otafuku sauce. In Osaka and other areas of kansai have special local sauces called Brother sauce, Doro sauce. Also people use mayonnaise. Ketchap is used for okonomiyaki sauce in Fukuoka.


Kansai okonomiyaki for 2

For dough: 

100g of self-raising flour

3 tsp of dashi powder

1 egg

120ml of water

We sell Okonomiyaki batter mix as well. 


200g of cabbage

100g of bacon

prawn or squid if you like

Sauce and mayo, aonori and bonito flakes


Mix all the ★marked ingredients in the bowl, add cabbage and bacon other ingredients in it. Heat the pan and put some oil in, pour the dough and fry both sides! Put sauce and mayo, aonori, bonito flakes on it and it’s done.



Hirosima okonomiyaki for 2

For the dough:

30g of flower

★90ml of water

pinch of bonito dashi powder

You could try okonomiyaki batter mix as well. 


4-6 of cabbage leaves (about 200g)

spring onion, bean sprout

bacon, egg noodle

2 eggs

Sauce, aonori, bonito flakes 


  1. Cut cabbage, put the cabbage and beansprout in the microwave for 3min 
  2. Heat noodle in the microwave for 2min.
  3. Mix water and flour also bonito powder, and fry it like very think pan cake (this will go on top)

Fry egg like very think pancake, add the noodles on in. Lay bacon on top of the noodles, then beansprouts, spring onions, cabbage, then thin pancake on top of everything so it steam fry. Put plate on the pan and flip, make sure the egg layer is on top. Add the sauce, aonori, and bonito flakes and it’s all ready to eat!

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