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Make colourful temari sushi with tsukemono!

by Hazuki

Sushi is colourful and suitable for parties but not everyone likes raw fish. A nice alternative is to try these colourful temarizushi with pickles and other ingredients minus the raw fish. Temarizushi (temari-sushi) is sushi in a ball shape. Temari means ‘Japanese traditional handball’. Japanese pickles are colourful, and temarizushi is pretty, they are perfect for parties. 

Pickles in western countries are normally pickled with salt, vinegar, or sugar. There are many different pickling methods used in Japan.


- Su-zuke: Marinated with vinegar

- Shio-zuke: Pickled with salt

- Shoyu-zuke: Pickled with soy sauce.

- Miso-zuke: Pickled with miso

- Kouji-zuke: Pickled with Koji (rice-malt)

- Nuka-zuke: Pickled with rice bran

- Karashi-zuke: Pickled with mastered.


Radish with takuan pickles camellia unnamed-10-1.jpg

There are many ways to pickle daikon radish. These petals are made from daikon radish which is pickled in plum vinegar. It is called Sakurazuke. The stamen full of pollen is created with takuan which is picked in rice bran and salt.

 You need 3 slices of sakurazuke for the petals, and wrap the rice ball with them to make it look like a camellia. Chop the takuan small and place them on top. You can try this with beetroot, also ham or salami works as well.




Pickled cucumber with ikuraunnamed-12-3.jpg

Pickled cucumbers are usually pickled with vinegar and soy sauce. Shibazuke is pickled with shiso leaves that are used to colour umeboshi (pickled plum.) Shiso gives that pink colour. For an easier alternative, you can also use normal slices of cucumber for this temarizushi.


For the topping use ikura or sesame seeds. It gives more flavour and colours.




Lotus root with ikura unnamed-11-1.jpg

To make lotus root tsukemono, slice them and marinate with vinegar and some sugar, and leave them in the fridge for a while.


Pickles of lotus root is perfect for temarizushi as it looks like pretty flower. Adding ikura on top gives nice colour. Also, you can wrap sushi with ham.



Also, just chopping some tsukemono and mix in the rice ball can brighten the table. Simple and easy! Takana, takuan and sakurazuke are great for at achieving this effect.

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