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Celebrate International Sushi Day

This Sunday not only marks the celebration of Father's Day but it's also International Sushi Day. 

Ever since it was first celebrated back in 2009, International Sushi Day has grown year on year and was created for one reason - to encourage those around the world to eat and love sushi.

Salmon sushi 3.jpg

In the hope that many of you will embrace the day, we’ve put together a few ways to celebrate the occasion:

1) Eat out – Head out with friends and family to your local Japanese restaurant and try out the many different types of sushi. There will be a variety of sushi available, from makizushi to nigirizushi to chirashizushi. If you’re on a gluten-free diet, then don’t let that put you off, just let the person serving you know that you have a gluten allergy – we’re sure they’ll be more than happy to rustle you something up. For more information about gluten-free sushi, take a look at one of our earlier blog posts (insert link).

2) Make your own – If you have time on Sunday, why not invite friends and family round and throw your own sushi party. Head down to your local market, buy the ingredients and follow one of the many different recipe guides out there on the internet. It truly is that simple. If you’re really into sushi making, and you haven’t already, then why not consider buying yourself a sushi machine (insert link) to make life even easier.

3) Gift - Share your love of sushi with others. Presenting a friend or family member with a selection of sushi is a great touch, and more importantly, might persuade them to try out sushi in the future.

This type of appetizer is becoming more and more popular within the UK, and hopefully after reading this short post you’ll have the urge to join in with many others and celebrate the great occasion that is International Sushi Day!  

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