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October 07, 2010


Not only does the Japanese diet help you lose pounds and maintain a healthy weight, it is crammed with ingredients that can help with anti-ageing and boost your complexion. So forget the concealer and drop the anti-wrinkle cream, try a few of these easy to grab hold of foods and you could save yourself a fortune, and some years to your looks!

Did you know that the infamous ginger is great for your all round health? Me neither! It actually contains silicone that promotes smooth and even skin tone, glossy hair and healthy teeth and nails, it can also help you fight acne because it is an anti-inflammatory. Not only does ginger make you looks better but it is also considered to be a mild aphrodisiac, it's a win win situation really.

I bet you also didn't know that plain old boring nori is believed to stimulate hair growth, this is because it contains naturally high amounts of biotin which is often sold as supplements in health food stores to strengthen hair. So forget shelling out unnecessary amounts of money to maintain your luscious locks, throw some nori up in here and you can be Rapunzel in weeks! (You must supply your own castle and we cannot guarantee that a prince will rescue you)

Next up we have the small but very mighty black sesame seeds, these have been shown to have a cholesterol-lowering effect (try saying that really fast!) and they also contain copper which help strengthen your blood vessels to promote healthy skin and hair, seriously we could put Nivea and TresemeĀ“out of business here.

The main flavour to sushi rice or any Japanese rice comes from the Japanese rice vinegar, not only is this extra tasty but in several studies it has been found that the acetic acid that the vinegar contains can fight the accumulation of body fat.

Yuzu, a great citrus dressing that contains antioxidants, bioflavanoids, and a high level of vitamin C (Three times that of lemon juice). Japanese women rely on this stuff to rejvenate maturing skin and due to the fact that it also contains nomilin it is regarded as a relaxing property. So not only does it make a great tasting salad dressing or dipping sauce it is great to add to your bathtub too! Forget the false promises of muscle relaxation from regular bubble baths, a bottle of yuzu will fix you up!

I think that my all time favourite health product from Japan has got to be green tea I am obsessed with it! In comparison to the hot drinks we have over here that are dairy laden, green tea is virtually calorie-free! In fact, you could actually burn about 80 calories for every five cups of green tea that you drink.

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