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November 25, 2016 #news #Recipes


super fast sushi with microwave sushi rice!

I love all types of sushi and, after a hard day at work, I want my favourite food fast and I don't want to wait for the rice to cook and cool down before I'm ready to roll.

The good news is I have found a way to get fantastic sushi from the cupboard to my plate in less than 5 minutes.

First off, I grab a packet of Yutaka Microwaveable Sushi Rice which comes out sticky and delicious in just 1 minute. I like my rice flavoured with a sprinkle of Tamanoi Sushi No Ko sushi rice seasoning powder or a splash of Mitsukan sushi vinegar.

Then, I simply put the prepared sushi rice in my Sushi at home nigiri press pull the leaver and out pops the nigiri sushi which just needs finishing off with fish or meat, sliced expertly with a super sharp sushi knife.

If I fancy maki rolls, I lay a sheet of Nori seaweed on my Sushi Magic machine, pile on the rice and my favourite filling and have perfectly rolled sushi in seconds.

With small dollop of Wasabi and a slice of Pickled Ginger, I am ready to tuck into a delicious Japanese meal in minutes.


Who said fast food can't be tasty, healthy and value for money!

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