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December 07, 2016 #Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide: Types of Sushi

Sushi doesn't just come in roll form - although California rolls are delicious! It's important if you consider yourself a sushi lover, that you understand the difference between a maki roll and nigiri, so read on and discover the correct terminology!


Maki Sushi

Makizushi is rolled sushi, but more specifically in western restaurants, it is usually a roll where the nori seaweed is on the outside of the roll. Occasionally you might even find maki rolled in thin cucumber, avocado or egg omelette. 

Temaki (Hand Rolls)

Sushi Hand Rolls

Temaki is a hand roll, this are cone shaped and filled with rice and the usual fillings of fish and vegetables. These are very easy to make if you're a sushi beginner!

Uramaki (ISO Rolls)


Uramaki means inside-out rolls, where the rice is on the outside of the sushi, and the nori on the inside. In some English restaurants they are called ISO rolls. 



Nigirizushi is pressed sushi. This is when the rice is made into a small brick and the topping is layered on top. Sometimes they are secured together with a band of nori. 



Inari sushi is when sushi rice is stuffed into marinated a fried tofu pocket. Sometimes there are other small diced toppings too such as ham, egg or cucumber.


This is pressed sushi which comes in a box shape sliced. This is quite easy to make and is very traditional. Oshisushi is made using and Oshibouri press. Oshisushi pre-dates sushirolls and is one of the oldest forms of sushi still available.

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