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June 23, 2014 #How To

How To Make Japanese NOODLES

We can slurp up a bowl of Japanese noodles in a matter of moments, and they take just seconds to cook, but have you ever considered how to make japanese noodles? Well don't worry SushiSushi reader, because we're about to teach you all about it!

japanese noodles

Ok, let's start with some basic noodle facts - did you know the origin of the word 'noodle' is actually the German 'nudel'? The Japanese word for noodles is 麺 or 'men'. People have been eating noodles for thousands of years, and there was even a well-preserved bowl of noodles that is dated to be 4000 years old discovered once in an archaeological dig. 

In ancient times (and today, when using traditional methods) noodles were made by repeatedly stretching out dough; a practice which takes mastery and many years to get right. Noodle masters will often on an apprentice to pass down their knowledge and skills. If you're very lucky you can still find small noodle eateries in Japan that make their noodles using the pulling method. Check out this video to see just how complicated it is!

This video was filmed in Beijing, China.

Of course, nowadays noodle production has to be on a mass scale; Japanese noodles are a basic foodstuff on par with rice and bread, being extremely popular and eaten as an accompaniment or the main event in many dishes. People around the world have got the bug for ramen, so there are many factories that now produce noodlesso there are many factories that now produce noodles in a fraction of the time. Take a look at this fantastic video that shows how machinery has helped us meet modern noodle demands!

 Of course, fresh noodles have a different taste to dried ramen, but each are equally versatile in their own way. Dried noodles and Ramen noodles are excellent for on the go food - use them in broths and soups and embellish them with fresh veggies or a tea-stained egg. Fresh noodles are great for the same purpose but they also lend themselves very well to being fried! 

Did you know you can even make your own noodles at home? Here's a video showing exactly how to do it! Serve them with lots of delicious condiments from SushiSushi. 

 How to Make Your Own Noodles 

 So now you know how noodles are made, and you can make them yourself too! 

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