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November 25, 2016 #news


Japanese food isn’t just a taste sensation, it’s also a visual delight, and sometimes photos just don’t do it justice – that’s why there’s now plenty of talented food vloggers on Youtube, all more than happy to demonstrate a range of mouth-watering recipes! Here are 5 of our favourite vloggers and why we love them:

Cooking With Dog

Ignore the lady cooking, she’s just Francis the dog’s human assistant! Francis is actually a Japanese cooking mastermind, but his lack of thumbs often prevents him from cooking the meals himself, so for now he just narrates as his lovely human friend shows us the ropes. Francis has great recipes for Japanese sweets (Wagashi), popular dishes like teriyaki, noodle dishes, gunkanmaki sushi and lots more! Our particular favourite video is this demonstration of how to make a cute everyday bento box. We know you’re itching to try it!

Kitchen Tigress KT

Thanks to Kitchen Tigress’ Youtube channel, I learnt to make my very first Japanese strawberry shortcake, and it was divine! KT shows lots of recipes for Japanese baking, which is very different to British baking in many ways – the cakes have a very light, fluffy, airy texture to them that often comes from mixing glucose into the batter. You’ll be dying to try her matcha cakes too if you’re a Japanese green tea addict!



Do you wish for all your food to be kawaii? Then head over to the Ochikeron youtube channel, the home of an extremely skilled chef who makes making character food and cute bento seem like a doddle. Follow her tutorials and you’ll be making Rilakkuma Omnirice for your kids… or maybe just for yourself too.



We know we’ve shared a lot of bento tutorials from vloggers, but the bento by BraLadyJapan is mesmerising! We’re dribbling just looking at it, but at the same time we’re not sure whether eating it might ruin the beautiful art. Bento leaves us with such complex feelings, as we chew on delicious Hello Kitty heads and gobble up sweet little bears…


Looking for traditional Japanese favourites like Takiyaki and bubble tea recipes? Then EmmyMadeinJapan can show you how. Watch the rest of her Youtube channel too for curious live taste tests of Japanese sweets and drinks! 

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