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November 25, 2016 #news #Recipes



When we suggested a miso soup recipe, a few of you mentioned that you're happy enough with instant miso. Sure... instant miso powder is very delicious when it's needed quickly for a lunchtime snack, but it doesn't compare to the real thing made with miso paste, dashi stock, fresh tofu and wakame. Plus, it's much healthier when made fresh, there are lots of associated health benefits with miso, and the fresh kind contains a little less added salt! 

Miso is full of beneficial probiotics, and it's a great source of B12 - B12 is tricky to get hold of if you're vegetarian as it is usually only found in animal proteins, it's a good vitamin for boosting your energy. If you are eating less meat then you can have miso without dashi stock and it can taste just as lovely.

So let's make authentic miso soup!

You will need:

  • 1/4 oz of Wakame 
  • 120g Fresh Silken Tofu
  • 400ml of Dashi Stock (Or if vegetarian, use just 400ml water)
  • 20ml Miso Paste
  • 2 Chopped Spring Onions
  • Dash of Soy Sauce


  • Bring the dashi stock or water to the boil in a pan. Meanwhile, soak the wakame in water - it will grow considerably in size and become much softer.
  • Next melt the miso paste and water it down by stirring a little of the hot dashi stock into the paste. This will thin it out, so you can then pour the miso into the pan of stock.
  • Now cut your tofu - the size depends on your preference - it can be a small dice or as larger chunks.
  • Turn the pan heat down, then when it reaches a rolling simmer add the wakame. If you add the wakame when it's too hot you will ruin the delicate flavour.
  • Serve the soup in small bowls then garnish with the chopped spring onion.


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