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November 25, 2016 #news #Recipes


The TSM - 10 Nigiri Sushi Making Machine is Exclusivly available in the UK from sushisushi.co.uk

please call for further details.

The worlds first Cordless Automatic sushi machine

Totally cord free, with a handle for ease of carrying and storage

Selectable Power Sources

Choose from Mains, 8 hour life rechargable lithium ion batteries or 8 Standard AA Batteries

Worlds Smallest

170mm wide x 270mm Deep x 330mm High

Worlds Lightest

Just 6KG!

Simple Operation

Easy to use with just a stop/start button and adjuster for density of you rice ball. Once your completed rice ball is removed sensors in the TSM - 10 tell it to produce another.

Fast, Quality Production

The TSM - 10 can produce 1200 rice balls in ust 1 hour.


The TSM - 10 automatically shuts down when you open the front hatch.

Patented sushi rice ball forming method

No other sushi machine makes rice balls in this way. Ingeniously simple design means less to break, less to clean.

Low Cost

Compared with traditional automatic sushi making machines the TSM - 10 is great value and will allow your sushi bar, sushi take away or Japanese restaurant to produce more sushi at a fraction of the cost whilst keeping high level of quality.

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